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Closed rhinoplasty Beverly Hills-Cosmetic Surgery is on the rise in developed countries

According to market research done by Global Analysts Inc., the United States and European markets are putting more emphasis on looks and thus cosmetic surgery procedures and products are on the rise. In spite of global economic difficulties, and a stagnant and troublesome European market, cosmetic surgery has managed to maintain a strong foothold on the economy.

In the press release issued by GIA, low cost treatments and procedures are very popular among Americans. This is also true for breast implants, as the sales for this procedure continue to grow steadily.

The market research also highlights the fact that people want not only to look young or too re-gain youthfulness, competition at work places and aging of the population are contributing factors for this cosmetic surgery boom. Other factors include media being more influential and showing celebrities or people on television going through with these procedures.

Examples include celebrities like Adele, who recently has been in the eye of the public for supposedly undergoing with a rhinoplasty procedure. One popular way to go through with this procedure is through closed rhinoplasty Beverly Hills.

Although breast implants are a the top of the list for procedures being done, injectables are now a big part of cosmetic surgery as they are not only affordable but very popular among baby boomers who are seeing wrinkles appear. One of the key reasons why people are choosing to go with injectables is the fast results, it is non-invasive, and the downtime or recovery time is minimal or none at all.

Other non-cosmetic but very important procedures that are being done are deviated septum Beverly Hills.  The market research done by GIA, also establishes the fact that more people are looking towards weight loss surgery as a means to lose weight in a safe and affordable way.