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Pain while walking, legs feeling week see a doctor today

We do less to take of ourselves as the high demand and long work hours, we don’t see the necessary damages that are being done to our body, we put the entire weight of the body on our legs standing even sitting for long hours can bring strain to the flow of blood in the veins as they become enlarged and swollen, the flow of blood in healthy legs ensures that blood flows back to the heart which is then re-circulated. The veins are the major part of the body if they are damage this would cause a lot of pain and swelling, women suffer more amongst men and affects 1 out of 2 people 50 and above

Other types:

  • Varicose veins
  • Reticular & spider veins
  • Venous stasis

Treatment options:

  • Endovenous Laser Ablation
  • Ultrasound guided foam sclerotherapy
  • Light guided foam sclerotherapy
  • Cosmetic treatment for spider veins

Varicose Vein Treatment Rockford helps with their experienced and well trained staff would make sure that you are comforted as they are staffed with international radiologists. The clinic is staffed with certified ultra technologists, RNs ensuring the highest quality medical care; take care of them there will take care of you.

Looking tired in the face, eyes drooping then you need a face make over!

People say “look she looks tired” but is she really? Do you have a frown that makes you look unhappy, sad drooping eyebrows you can correct this with a brow lift surgery

They comes a time when we do not look or feel the way we used to when we were young, aging sometimes other factors can also influence our overall well being, the tiredness in our face when we look at the mirror the eyes drooping, the sad look, all this can be corrected with a Botox but it is temporary, with the brow lift this is ideal for candidates 40’s to 60’s with their brows descending, you would generally go for a upper eyelid surgery where a brow lift is the correct surgery, younger patients with low or heavy brows are also ideal candidates

Patients who have receding hair line are not good candidates as the incision is placed near the hairline or a tattooed brow is not suitable as it would alter the position. This is a delicate procedure unlike the breast, thighs, and the tummy this procedure involves risks as well but is very rare, if the damage occurs to a tissue or a nerve it’s temporary and would return to normal in 1 to 2 months but if it precedes then a surgery is required.

During the first meeting with your plastic surgeon he or she would check for you overall health and history of other illness, whether you smoke, take medications, or do drugs as these could complicate the procedure, the surgeon would take photographs, you could see the before and after photos, of the other operations, always be open with the surgeon as he or she could best understand you and discuss the possibilities and success of the operation

You can also visit the surgeon the second time to review other options as well making sure you feel comfortable and preparing yourself for the surgery you can also get a forehead lift surgery along with the brow lift which would make you face look more youthful, upon surgery when decided by you it would be a month as the surgeon would advise you to stop smoking and would assign what medication should not be taken.

On the day of the surgery you would require too fast, not eat or drink for 8 hours if any medication is required, a brow lift is done with local anesthesia as you will feel very sleepy but at times will be vary of what is happening, the surgery will take 1 to 2 hours depending on the requirements you have made

The recovery process takes 2 to 4 weeks, your may put some ice over the bruised and swollen area, after a day from the hospital every 15 minutes after a week you can wash with Luke warm water as hot water may be dangerous and the surgery may have numbed the skull after a week most patients are up and about with their chores you may require some facial make up, the results after 3 week will reveal the youthful look and you will see the difference and a youthful you.

The art of reshaping Nose through surgery!

The human face is a complex and the most unique design, looking at the face the features of the nose is distinguished   and none like another will be of it. The nose creates the person’s looks, his or her character its charm. But all noses are not perfect some of us will be born with defect to the nose, may be an accident, a slight crookedness, a long nose too fat creating an image which diminishes our self confidence and social life.

First of a Rhinoplasty San Francisco surgery is a common cosmetic surgery as it helps in correcting the defects of the nose or to beatify it and achieve the harmony with the face. It also helps who are suffering from a breathing problem or an injury to the nose. The structure this surgery is complicated as it involves evaluation of the face, the bone structure. The density of the cartilage, the angle of tip and the chin also plays a major role, as we are unique in our features.

The Nose Surgery San Francisco is divided into open and closed depending up on the incision. upon consultation with you surgeon make sure that they are board certified plastic surgeon with experience as he or she would guild you through the pre and post op. it is important to be open minded and ask questions as that would give you understanding as to what you require of your nose, the apt candidates for such a procedure are healthy individuals who want to change the shape of their nose, keep in mind the surgery requires an individual who is strong at will and are determined. Look for before and after pictures as that would give an idea of what to expect, the surgeon would examine your nose and show you through image graphing the results, it is advised for smokers to stop 4 weeks before the surgery, if taking certain medications or use drugs is not advisable as that would cause complication at the time of surgery keep in mind that I would take 2 to 4 weeks for the recovery.

On the day of the surgery ask a friend to drive you home as the effects of anesthesia you wouldn’t be able to drive, it would take a while for the recovery process but after 6 weeks the results of your nose would amaze you  .

The breath of life!

The breath of life is so essential that if we do not breath we may not live, sometimes we have breathing problems shortness of breath, irregular breathing these can be caused by genetic or factors of the environment by pollution in the atmosphere by dust these factors can cause a serious illness called Asthma which is not curable but a patient can overcome this by therapy, it is cause when the muscles in the airways tighten, the walls become swollen and produce a thick mucus, it is hard to predict but important to detect the illness early as it could be a recurring factor
-Wheezing when breathing
-Cough that won’t stop
-Very rapid breathing
-difficulty talking
-feeling anxiety on panic




Asthma treatment Brooklyn has the been helping patients for many years with good results although there is no cure it can be controlled and even eliminating the asthma to re-occur, check with a Medical Board surgeon as he has years of experience with patients these are frequent in children as their immune system is still in development, this occurs when the muscles of in the neck and chest retract it may last a few minutes sometimes it occurs 30 times in an hour the shorting of breathing check with your Doctor today.

Enlarge you breast through breast Augmentation!

Women are different in the shape and size in their outlook and so are their breast some of them small others want to change the size of their breast, some breast sag due to post pregnancy, some due to weight loss, the improvement in the breast size can be done through Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation Los Angeles has helped many women to increase their size and outlook with fuller more round size breast, as it increases self confidence and boost their social and professional life. In order for you to have breast implants it is important to choose which type you are looking for as there are Silicone implants and Saline implants, the silicone implants contains silicone gel which is pre determined, saline implants are inserted and then filled to the desired size. Where as in silicone implants a slightly larger incision is made when compared to saline implants. The incision is made either through the under folds of the bust, through the belly button or through the armpits.

When you have decided to get your breast enlarged, make sure to check for a medical board plastic surgeon as with years of experience and many surgeries you could rest assure of your surgery. On consultation with your surgeon regarding the surgery talk about the pre and post op, selection of the right breast size is critical as all patients are different in their outlooks, in volume of their overall figure; take a tight fitting outfit so you could check with the various sizes while putting the implants behind the bra. Then when you have selected the size the cosmetic surgeon will then brief how best to prepare yourself.

Smoking should be avoided, medication that could complicate the surgery causing excess blood flow consult with your surgeon in regards, and on the day of the surgery have a friend drive you home after the surgery. It would take 1 to 3 hours depending on the size of the implant and the area of incision.

The recovery process would take 1 to 2 months before the implant settles giving you that soft feel, medication will be given to minimize the pain, he would give you a surgical bra which will be worn for the first 7 – 10days after 2 to 3 week all sutures will dissolve, you can get back to normal activates with a month the results will amaze you.

Want the breast you desire, then you need a breast enhancement!

Having to hold your breast full and round is what every woman desires, she feels confident with the fuller shape and size which brings out the love in her, she feels the sense that she is loved, the richness and with a good bust line. Shopping is her best friend she no longer feels rejected nor feels unsecured and carries herself with pride that she has a full figure, complimenting her shape with beautiful breast.

A businesswoman's suit opens unexpectedly


In other words aging, pregnancy, disproportions of the breast in size, small breast uneven shape, can be discourages and can hurt her self esteem, if you are looking to enlarge you breast size, change from smaller to bigger or a mother who wants to have a breast job done, then Breast Augmentation Fresno, would be an ideal for you.


Breast augmentation is a procedure which involves implants, there are silicone implants as well as saline implants, the silicone implants requires a slightly larger incision through the nipples under the folds of the breast, through the belly button or through the folds of the armpits, incision under the breast folds is best recommended as they have specialized equipment and techniques that keeps scars well hidden. The saline implants have a natural feel of breast as the incision is small and is much recommended, they will also do a silicone implant.


When you have decided that you need breast implants to enhance the size and shape, check for a medical board certified plastic surgeon as with skill, and years of experience and dedication, upon consultation ask your surgeon about the procedure which would help bond and create a openness enabling the success of the procedure, ask for before and after pictures as that would help you in knowing that your desired breast will be achieved. A Breast lift can also be performed along with this procedure as through aging, and sagging of the breast after pregnancy a Breast Lift Fresno enhances the shape and size along with that it gives a lift in the breast giving back that full round breast.


After deciding on the size of the implant, the procedure will take 1 to 2 hours, you will be given general anesthesia you would then be put under observation for post-op, make sure to have a friend who could drive you home after the surgery as the effects anesthesia would leave you unable to drive.


The recovery is different from each individual as in the breast augmentation while some patients recover fast you still have to follow the surgeons instruction.

-swelling and discomfort you will have as to relieve the pain you will be given medication, the swelling will reduce within two weeks

-Take 2 to 4 weeks off your job, activities such as lifting heavy items or too much work around the house should be avoided as it could slower the recovery process and they would be much pain.

-when sleeping always rest you head o a higher pillow as that would take the pressure of your chest.

Remember to have a positive attitude which gives you positive results, the results Beautiful Breast.

Significance of cardiac evaluation!

Everyone is familiar with the famous saying “prevention is better than cure” the same applies to individual’s health also because your life is connected with those around you. A healthy heart a guide to a longer life without any complications so it is important to take care of your cardiac health and be regularly updated about it. This calls for a Cardiac Evaluation Beverly Hills. It is important that every individual carve out some time from their hectic and busy schedules and take out some time for their cardiac check up.


This can be really worth investing your time and money because it is your health and sustenance that is at stake here and only if you are healthy and fine, you can make your life even more prosperous. Nowadays you can even attain health policies that take care of your cardiac evaluation programs and finance accordingly. It is a well known fact that cardiac problems are one of the leading causes for high death rate in the United States alone. This can only be curbed when every individual takes up a through measure with a cardiac evaluation and proceed with its treatment and well being.

Are you looking to get your nose changed through ethnic rhinoplasty?

Are you an Asian or an Africa-American, who wants to change the shape and the look of your nose? Then an Ethnic Rhinoplasty is the best option as Dr. Younai is the best in his practice and has helped a lot of Asians and African-Americans alike as there share the same structure, the width, flare and a little down tip projection. Dr. Younai has worked on many patients with results in expectations of the client.

According to the American Society of Plastic surgeons more than 242,000 rhinoplasty procedures have been performed by its members in 2012. Plastic surgeons these days are using digital imaging by showing the results of the images after the recovery period

Your nose is too wide, you have a tip drooping down too much or you have bump which makes your nose looks awkward leaving you to shy away? Then an Ethnic Rhinoplasty will help correct the width, the tip and the area of slight bump. There are limitations in performing rhinoplasty in Asians and African-Americans due to the thick nasal skin the nasal tip remains rounded, its best to avoid an open rhinoplasty surgery as you could develop a keloid scarring.

bea 2Dr. Younai is a Board certified plastic surgeon he specializes in nose surgery and facial plastic surgery. On consultation with the plastic surgeon and reviews, he would guild you through the pre and post operative procedure showing you the before and after pictures, discussing the best option and ensuring you for the procedure required.

The requirements toward the surgery are simple and basic but in having a positive outlook towards the surgery helps for a smooth procedure enabling the surgeon to work his art sculpting and reshaping your nose staying positive helps in the recovery process too. After the Ethnic Rhinoplasty surgery it is better to have someone drive you home as you would have swelling around the nose area, leaving you in pain, the surgeon would give you pain medications to control the pain.

It is best to avoid any sudden side to side moments, avoid bending your head as that would lead to a heavy blood flow causing bleeding or rupture, rest you head upright position, after a few days a check up and removal of the bandages and clip, when washing be gentle as it would take 3 – 5 weeks to recovery and the results would be a changed and refined nose.

How far is aesthetic surgery eligible for indemnity coverage?

Numerous alterations in the body of an individual reflect the aging process. The significant sign of the process is the floppiness of the skin. The most visible part of the body that reveals the process is obviously, the face. The wrinkles on the facial region, especially over the forehead, cheeks, chin, eyelids etc. alters features of the face, eliminating its attractiveness. Loss of the fat in the cited regions results in the slumped nature of the skin. Therefore, crumples are formed in various areas on the face (and of course on the other parts of the body). This observable fact gains momentum, once the individual turns a quadragenarian. However, numerous procedures of cosmetic surgery fetches back the youthful manifestation to the individuals, who are distressed owing to the aging affect.



The cosmetic surgery is meant for aesthetic purposes. On the other hand, this surgery turns handy in avoiding certain physical hazards. For instance; liposuction is performed to remove the excess fat from the body. Despite the fact that it is purely destined for visual intention, removal of disproportionate fat is looked upon as a treatment for health benefits. In certain aspects of facial features in connection with the clinical procedures, floppy skin over the surface of the closures of the eyes is eliminated. Thus the attractiveness of the face is maintained, together with the protection of the sight from being messed up as a consequence of the flaccid eyelids. The surgical course of action intended especially to refurbish the eye closures is known as blepharoplasty in clinical terms. At this juncture, the point in question is related to the claims of indemnity coverage.

In order to claim the insurance coverage for any sort of surgery, an individual undergoes, it should be verified that the clinical procedure is for medical purpose. In spite of the utilization of few methods of cosmetic surgery for medical reasons, it is the degree of stipulation that counts here. The matter attained prominence owing to the fact that the national social insurance program in the United States of America provides the financial support to the cited surgery. In accordance with the publication of an NGO, the coverage for blepharoplasty significantly enhanced for a decade starting from the year 2001. This issue contradicts with the version of a governing authority of the cosmetic surgeons of the United States of America. Compliant with the latter, the cited enhancement has no concurrence with the available statistical data.

If truth be told, blepharoplasty is a wing of cosmetic surgery that mends the natural cover of the eye from the state of wilting. However, the surgical treatment proves to be usable for doing away with the hindrance for the eye sight. The point is, the indemnity coverage does not meet the total cost of the operation. As per the report of a governing authority the coverage is far less than the actual outlay. On the other hand, an assortment of insurance companies has their own decisive factors in relation with the indemnity coverage.

The beauty of your breast can be restored through breast augmentation!

The Breast has long since fascinated men and still do till this day. Women also feel the urge to look desired, as breast augmentation is helpful, in boosting her confidence and self-esteem, morally, socially and physically. She is confident, attractive and feels alive once again.

According to the American Society of plastic surgeons over 250,000 procedures have been performed in 2003.  The reason for a breast augmentation is to enhance the shape and size of the breast due to pregnancy, loss of weight or the breast losing its firmness. Women above the age of 22 years can have this procedure done.

beautifulfigureIf you are looking to change the shape of your breast or do not like the way there are look and you feel shopping can be a nightmare. Feel insecure about your breast? Feel that they are small and not asymmetric or you’ve had several pregnancies or lost a substantial amount of fat which leaves you breast hanging and flattened then you are a perfect candidate for this procedure

The important factor’s to look for in this procedure is in knowing what size will be best on you. Also choosing a right surgeon is much more important. A well qualified, skilled and a medical board certified cosmetic surgeon, who has years of experience and when planning for a breast augmentation make sure to prepare a list so you could ask your surgeon what are your best options as it would allow you to think. On consultation with the surgeon ask to see the before and after photos so as to see the size and shape of the breast you are looking for.

He would guild you through the pre and post-op, it also helps having a positive attitude as that could boost the immune system through the recovery process. Speak with him about your overall health and well being as it could affect the surgery, there are many sizes to choose from and it depends upon what you want your breast look like. Never the less the results can be impressive and you’ll look good and feel great.

The recovery process takes time between 3 – 6 weeks it also depends with your positivity towards the surgery and following the necessary steps, make sure you have someone to drive you home after the surgery as you would have a lot of swelling, bruising and pain and the pain can be controlled be pain medication also allow yourself time from work so that you recovery fully and will feel and look great with yourself