Are you looking to get your nose changed through ethnic rhinoplasty?

Are you an Asian or an Africa-American, who wants to change the shape and the look of your nose? Then an Ethnic Rhinoplasty is the best option as Dr. Younai is the best in his practice and has helped a lot of Asians and African-Americans alike as there share the same structure, the width, flare and a little down tip projection. Dr. Younai has worked on many patients with results in expectations of the client.

According to the American Society of Plastic surgeons more than 242,000 rhinoplasty procedures have been performed by its members in 2012. Plastic surgeons these days are using digital imaging by showing the results of the images after the recovery period

Your nose is too wide, you have a tip drooping down too much or you have bump which makes your nose looks awkward leaving you to shy away? Then an Ethnic Rhinoplasty will help correct the width, the tip and the area of slight bump. There are limitations in performing rhinoplasty in Asians and African-Americans due to the thick nasal skin the nasal tip remains rounded, its best to avoid an open rhinoplasty surgery as you could develop a keloid scarring.

bea 2Dr. Younai is a Board certified plastic surgeon he specializes in nose surgery and facial plastic surgery. On consultation with the plastic surgeon and reviews, he would guild you through the pre and post operative procedure showing you the before and after pictures, discussing the best option and ensuring you for the procedure required.

The requirements toward the surgery are simple and basic but in having a positive outlook towards the surgery helps for a smooth procedure enabling the surgeon to work his art sculpting and reshaping your nose staying positive helps in the recovery process too. After the Ethnic Rhinoplasty surgery it is better to have someone drive you home as you would have swelling around the nose area, leaving you in pain, the surgeon would give you pain medications to control the pain.

It is best to avoid any sudden side to side moments, avoid bending your head as that would lead to a heavy blood flow causing bleeding or rupture, rest you head upright position, after a few days a check up and removal of the bandages and clip, when washing be gentle as it would take 3 – 5 weeks to recovery and the results would be a changed and refined nose.

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