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The breath of life!

The breath of life is so essential that if we do not breath we may not live, sometimes we have breathing problems shortness of breath, irregular breathing these can be caused by genetic or factors of the environment by pollution in the atmosphere by dust these factors can cause a serious illness called Asthma which is not curable but a patient can overcome this by therapy, it is cause when the muscles in the airways tighten, the walls become swollen and produce a thick mucus, it is hard to predict but important to detect the illness early as it could be a recurring factor
-Wheezing when breathing
-Cough that won’t stop
-Very rapid breathing
-difficulty talking
-feeling anxiety on panic




Asthma treatment Brooklyn has the been helping patients for many years with good results although there is no cure it can be controlled and even eliminating the asthma to re-occur, check with a Medical Board surgeon as he has years of experience with patients these are frequent in children as their immune system is still in development, this occurs when the muscles of in the neck and chest retract it may last a few minutes sometimes it occurs 30 times in an hour the shorting of breathing check with your Doctor today.

Prevention of child asthma is the need of the hour

Asthma is the persistent ailment that causes complexity in breathing. The other indications of this ailment includes continuous coughing, relentless panting, slight pain in the upper body, uneasiness in the movement of neck region, inability to utter a word, damp face due to perspiration, alteration in the color of the certain organs etc. Moreover, the mentioned symptoms do not respond to the medicinal applications in most of the cases. Asthmatic attack takes the sufferer to the extent that his/her body losses the resistance giving rise to poor immune system. Children with such problems do suffer a lot due to the polluted conditions of the environment. On the other hand, child asthma can be preventable with the adaptation of appropriate protective measures.

In accordance with standards prescribed by a governing authority, related to the protection of the environment of the United States of America, the diminishing of vehicular expulsions could prevent millions of the cases of child asthma in the nation. Usage of uncontaminated vehicular fuel gives the advantage of dirt free air to respire. If truth be told it is by now announced that the intake of air is more or less, ruined. As the identification of the span of child asthma is relatively a decisive factor for both, the oil companies as well as the governing authorities, it would be the responsibility of the parents and teachers of the children to take part in the mass move to render their helping hand to them in order to prevent this ailment.

Needless to say, reduction in number of the cases of child asthma is indeed the eradication of the problem by a large proportion. The tiresome efforts of the parents of an asthmatic child sometimes go in vain as the quandary stands unstoppable in certain conditions. Furthermore, as it is a pricy affair for the parents of the children who suffer with the acute asthma, prevention is the main concern right at the moment. The lack of permanent cure for asthma is the point to be remembered under any circumstances. As per the statistics available through the reliable sources, thousands of children suffer due to child asthma, which is the result of polluted environment. Despite the fact that heredity is one of the causes of this ailment, it could be diminished by sustaining the cleanliness of the environment at a percentage.

Instead of ending stranded in the clinics, adopting the basic principles of cleanliness at home makes a huge difference so as to protect the child from the disease. Steering clear of the filth in the house is the first and foremost aspect to be remembered. As expected, frequent cleansing of the bed linen of the children is not an issue to be forgotten. Domestic animals such as cats and dogs are supposed to be kept away from children. The pollen of the flowers proves to be dangerous for such children. Apart from the parents, teachers are ought to be aware of the allergic problems of the children. In addition, medicinal objects like pills, inhalers etc. should be in the reach of the kids.