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Best Way to Keep your Nails in Good Condition-Manicure Pedicure Treatment

Manicure is a beauty treatment for the fingernails and hands that can be done for men as well as women. A manicure can treat just hands and nails. A standard manicure in Hunt Valley includes filing and shaping the nails and the application of polish .French manicure is the latest and popular method of nail fashion A manicurist can also apply treatment to read nails such as painting pictures or designs on the nails or applying imitation jewels.

French manicure treatment begins with removing the old nail polish with the help of cotton .Next you can exfoliate your hands with salt or sugar scrub thoroughly. Then apply a cuticle cream or almond oil to your cuticle and leave it for few minutes and then use an orange wooden stick to push back the cuticles unless the they are even with each other .One of the best way to keep the nails in shape is to keep them straight across the tips and round on the edges. Next apply the clear base coat cover each of your nails and allow few minutes to dry, this base coat will help to strengthen the nails.. Then finally apply the clear top coat for shine and protection for your nails. The main purpose of the manicure is to keep the hands as well the nails in good condition, and the manicure prevents the long nails formation and discourages wrinkles on the hands.

A pedicure in hunt valley is the way to improve the appearance of feet and nails. It provides the similar service to a manicure. This treatment prevents nail diseases and nail disorders and it is done for cosmetic therapeutic and medical purposes. The treatment of pedicure begins with the removal of nail polish completely by using cotton , then soak the cotton band with acetone and remove the nail polish. It is always best to use the high quality of clippers o cut your nails. Do not extend your nail to extend over the tip of the toe

Lactic acid in milk loosens the dead skin and it is applied to the cuticle of the nails and allows it to dry and then wet your feet by applying the foot cream. Use acetone to get rid of extra oil if it is present. Apply a thin base of coat using three strokes, one down the middle and one on each side, but you need to keep in mind that you should not paint the cuticles .Use orange wood stick wrapped in cotton dipped in nail polish in order to remove excess of nail polish.