Comprehensive Eye Exams for all Ages!

Children as well as adults see doctors for all types of illness as well as for the regular checkups through the year. Ophthalmologist uses many procedures and tests in order to evaluate the health and conditions of the patients eye .This includes testing of the vision with an eye chart measurements, measurement for glasses. And evaluations for the front and back portions of an eye. These comprehensive eye exams in beach cities are important part of the preventive health care.The comprehensive eye exams may include testing the individual patient’s signs and symptoms along with the professional judgment of the doctor.

During the complete eye exam an optometrists will not only determine your prescription for eye glasses but also checks eye for the common eye disease, assess you how your eyes work together and evaluate your eye as an indicator for your overall health .An eye exam can help to detect your eye problem at an earlier stage when it can be treated. Regular eye exams give your eye professionals a chance to help you to correct the vision and provide you with tips on caring for your eyes.

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If you are having your first eye exam, your eye doctor may ask you several questions about your vision history. The different types of test which will be performed during an eye exam. These tests are designed to check your vision and examine the appearance and functions of the parts of your eyes. The eye muscle test examines the muscles that control the eye movements. Your eye doctor watches your eye movements as you follow a moving object such as light with your eyes.

Visual acuity test measures how clearly you see. Your doctor will ask you to identify the different letters on a printed chart or screen that I positioned some distance away. Each eye is tested separately and your near vision also may be tested .If you have difficulty in distinguishing certain colors then your eye doctor may asked you to go for the color vision testing. To do this your doctor will shows you the multicolor dot-pattern tests , if you have color deficiency you will find it difficult to identify the colors.

A retinal examination is also called as the ophthalmoscope which allows your doctor to evaluate the back of your eye including your retina. Before your doctor can see the structure your pupil must be dilated with an eye drops, this keeps the pupil getting smaller when your doctor shines light into your eye.

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