Looking tired in the face, eyes drooping then you need a face make over!

People say “look she looks tired” but is she really? Do you have a frown that makes you look unhappy, sad drooping eyebrows you can correct this with a brow lift surgery

They comes a time when we do not look or feel the way we used to when we were young, aging sometimes other factors can also influence our overall well being, the tiredness in our face when we look at the mirror the eyes drooping, the sad look, all this can be corrected with a Botox but it is temporary, with the brow lift this is ideal for candidates 40’s to 60’s with their brows descending, you would generally go for a upper eyelid surgery where a brow lift is the correct surgery, younger patients with low or heavy brows are also ideal candidates

Patients who have receding hair line are not good candidates as the incision is placed near the hairline or a tattooed brow is not suitable as it would alter the position. This is a delicate procedure unlike the breast, thighs, and the tummy this procedure involves risks as well but is very rare, if the damage occurs to a tissue or a nerve it’s temporary and would return to normal in 1 to 2 months but if it precedes then a surgery is required.

During the first meeting with your plastic surgeon he or she would check for you overall health and history of other illness, whether you smoke, take medications, or do drugs as these could complicate the procedure, the surgeon would take photographs, you could see the before and after photos, of the other operations, always be open with the surgeon as he or she could best understand you and discuss the possibilities and success of the operation

You can also visit the surgeon the second time to review other options as well making sure you feel comfortable and preparing yourself for the surgery you can also get a forehead lift surgery along with the brow lift which would make you face look more youthful, upon surgery when decided by you it would be a month as the surgeon would advise you to stop smoking and would assign what medication should not be taken.

On the day of the surgery you would require too fast, not eat or drink for 8 hours if any medication is required, a brow lift is done with local anesthesia as you will feel very sleepy but at times will be vary of what is happening, the surgery will take 1 to 2 hours depending on the requirements you have made

The recovery process takes 2 to 4 weeks, your may put some ice over the bruised and swollen area, after a day from the hospital every 15 minutes after a week you can wash with Luke warm water as hot water may be dangerous and the surgery may have numbed the skull after a week most patients are up and about with their chores you may require some facial make up, the results after 3 week will reveal the youthful look and you will see the difference and a youthful you.

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