The art of reshaping Nose through surgery!

The human face is a complex and the most unique design, looking at the face the features of the nose is distinguished   and none like another will be of it. The nose creates the person’s looks, his or her character its charm. But all noses are not perfect some of us will be born with defect to the nose, may be an accident, a slight crookedness, a long nose too fat creating an image which diminishes our self confidence and social life.

First of a Rhinoplasty San Francisco surgery is a common cosmetic surgery as it helps in correcting the defects of the nose or to beatify it and achieve the harmony with the face. It also helps who are suffering from a breathing problem or an injury to the nose. The structure this surgery is complicated as it involves evaluation of the face, the bone structure. The density of the cartilage, the angle of tip and the chin also plays a major role, as we are unique in our features.

The Nose Surgery San Francisco is divided into open and closed depending up on the incision. upon consultation with you surgeon make sure that they are board certified plastic surgeon with experience as he or she would guild you through the pre and post op. it is important to be open minded and ask questions as that would give you understanding as to what you require of your nose, the apt candidates for such a procedure are healthy individuals who want to change the shape of their nose, keep in mind the surgery requires an individual who is strong at will and are determined. Look for before and after pictures as that would give an idea of what to expect, the surgeon would examine your nose and show you through image graphing the results, it is advised for smokers to stop 4 weeks before the surgery, if taking certain medications or use drugs is not advisable as that would cause complication at the time of surgery keep in mind that I would take 2 to 4 weeks for the recovery.

On the day of the surgery ask a friend to drive you home as the effects of anesthesia you wouldn’t be able to drive, it would take a while for the recovery process but after 6 weeks the results of your nose would amaze you  .

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