The breath of life!

The breath of life is so essential that if we do not breath we may not live, sometimes we have breathing problems shortness of breath, irregular breathing these can be caused by genetic or factors of the environment by pollution in the atmosphere by dust these factors can cause a serious illness called Asthma which is not curable but a patient can overcome this by therapy, it is cause when the muscles in the airways tighten, the walls become swollen and produce a thick mucus, it is hard to predict but important to detect the illness early as it could be a recurring factor
-Wheezing when breathing
-Cough that won’t stop
-Very rapid breathing
-difficulty talking
-feeling anxiety on panic




Asthma treatment Brooklyn has the been helping patients for many years with good results although there is no cure it can be controlled and even eliminating the asthma to re-occur, check with a Medical Board surgeon as he has years of experience with patients these are frequent in children as their immune system is still in development, this occurs when the muscles of in the neck and chest retract it may last a few minutes sometimes it occurs 30 times in an hour the shorting of breathing check with your Doctor today.

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