Top ten answers for questions related to hair loss treatments and hair transplants!

There are many myths and hoaxes that are attached when people seek answers to some of their genuine problems, one such being that of hair loss, they fail to arrive at a conclusion when they do not get proper solutions to their queries. This article will serve the purpose of providing answers to some of the most frequently sought hair loss treatment questions by individuals in Las Vegas and around the world and  will prove beneficial to all those who wish to seek one!

Some of the most commonly asked questions by individuals who face hair loss problems are discussed below:

1.)  Will hair loss treatment provide natural appearing results?

Absolutely! After this procedure your hair will look natural and beautiful only those you disclose to would know about your treatment.

2.)  How many grafts and sessions would be required?

The number of grafts and sessions required by an individual largely depends on the amount of hair loss suffered and the density of the donor hair.

3.)  How much time will the newly transplanted hair take to grow and will I be able to get back to work?

Generally it takes about 3-5 months after the procedure for the new follicles to develop however complete hair growth could be noticed in about a year.

4.)  Is the procedure safe? What about the risks and possible complications?

The hair transplant procedure is very safe and is a moderately minor surgical process which requires local anesthesia; some procedures like the strip method might be prone to infections and bleeding.

5.)  How invasive is the procedure, will it be painful

The FUE method has virtually no pain at all however individuals appearing for the strip method might experience pain.

6.)  What is neograft and how it helps restore hair?

A Neograft is an advanced automated hair transplant device that helps in the easy restoration of hair follicles and provides hair growth.

7.)  What are the advantages of this automated device?

There are many advantages as certainly more people can utilize this for their hair restoration helps in easy transplantation due to the application of pneumatic suction pressure, the follicles extracted could be transplanted soon and they are relatively stronger.

8.)  What are the different types of hair restoration procedures available?

There are two types of hair transplant options namely FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant) or strip method and FUE( Follicular Unit Extraction).

9.)  How are these procedures different?

The FUT or strip method is the traditional method and is highly invasive whereas the FUE is non invasive and more suited to individuals having a weak scalp.

10.)  What is the total cost of the hair transplant and does it have a medical coverage?

The total cost of the procedure depends on the number of follicles to be transplanted the area worked on and the density of hair acquired. Following a consultation with the hair surgeon one can discuss the overall estimation.

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