Want the breast you desire, then you need a breast enhancement!

Having to hold your breast full and round is what every woman desires, she feels confident with the fuller shape and size which brings out the love in her, she feels the sense that she is loved, the richness and with a good bust line. Shopping is her best friend she no longer feels rejected nor feels unsecured and carries herself with pride that she has a full figure, complimenting her shape with beautiful breast.

A businesswoman's suit opens unexpectedly


In other words aging, pregnancy, disproportions of the breast in size, small breast uneven shape, can be discourages and can hurt her self esteem, if you are looking to enlarge you breast size, change from smaller to bigger or a mother who wants to have a breast job done, then Breast Augmentation Fresno, would be an ideal for you.


Breast augmentation is a procedure which involves implants, there are silicone implants as well as saline implants, the silicone implants requires a slightly larger incision through the nipples under the folds of the breast, through the belly button or through the folds of the armpits, incision under the breast folds is best recommended as they have specialized equipment and techniques that keeps scars well hidden. The saline implants have a natural feel of breast as the incision is small and is much recommended, they will also do a silicone implant.


When you have decided that you need breast implants to enhance the size and shape, check for a medical board certified plastic surgeon as with skill, and years of experience and dedication, upon consultation ask your surgeon about the procedure which would help bond and create a openness enabling the success of the procedure, ask for before and after pictures as that would help you in knowing that your desired breast will be achieved. A Breast lift can also be performed along with this procedure as through aging, and sagging of the breast after pregnancy a Breast Lift Fresno enhances the shape and size along with that it gives a lift in the breast giving back that full round breast.


After deciding on the size of the implant, the procedure will take 1 to 2 hours, you will be given general anesthesia you would then be put under observation for post-op, make sure to have a friend who could drive you home after the surgery as the effects anesthesia would leave you unable to drive.


The recovery is different from each individual as in the breast augmentation while some patients recover fast you still have to follow the surgeons instruction.

-swelling and discomfort you will have as to relieve the pain you will be given medication, the swelling will reduce within two weeks

-Take 2 to 4 weeks off your job, activities such as lifting heavy items or too much work around the house should be avoided as it could slower the recovery process and they would be much pain.

-when sleeping always rest you head o a higher pillow as that would take the pressure of your chest.

Remember to have a positive attitude which gives you positive results, the results Beautiful Breast.

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