Why does one require a revisional blepharoplasty?

Many times it is noticed that some procedures fail to achieve a successful outcome as they fail to obtain the desired results it is here that Revisional eyelid surgery comes into the picture. It is a surgical procedure that is used to correct the errors caused by a previous surgery. This being the major reasons there are still other reasons for which one needs to consider the aforementioned procedure like an eyelid malpositon by birth or due to a mishap or as a result of a prior blepharoplasty surgery or reconstruction of the eyelid after a traumatic condition or even due to the occurrence of eyelid cancer conditions.

A revisional blepharoplasty requires an extremely qualified eye surgeon or oculoplasty surgeon to perform this procedure with precision and get the desired results in the second trial. There are various ways of conducting a revisional eyelid surgery and the cosmetic surgeon will require a complete history of the patient’s eye health and the number of eyelid surgeries undergone. After this there is a complete eye screening done by the eye doctor to determine the procedure and accordingly the surgery is carried out .

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